Why do people love cats | Are you a cat person? Here are some benefits of having a cat!


There is no doubt that we all love cats. Some people define themselves as cat people. So why do people love cats? Most people love to have this little furry cat as their beloved companion. Yes, it is true sometimes they are very mischievous, they don’t allow you to work without them or be alone. If you are a cat owner, you definitely have experienced that your cat wants to eat all day but remember to give them his or her favorite food because with regard to food, cats are considered as very demandable animals. Cats love to seek his favorite person’s attention, like if you been busy all day by working and you didn’t have time to play with your cat, probably he would come to you and lay down on your laptop. This is what most cats do, when they miss their owner or favorite person. But you are not annoyed by this behavior, because you really love your furry cat. Cats are really adorable with softest and fluffiest fur, rounded body and pretty green roundest eyes, also they are independent, loyal and curious. They would probably be an awesome loving companion to you and your family.

Let’s see what are the benefits you’ll get by having a cat as your pet.  

Cats are good for your health

There are more than millions of articles and researches that says cats help you lower your blood pressure and reduce the risk of dying from heart-attack and heart-stroke. Even the purring sound of your cat can relive stress and anxiety, because spending some time with these cutie flurry cats helps you forget all the problems. So, it will probably help lower blood pressure and reduce the heart rate and protect you against heart diseases.

Cat owners are smart and more sensitive

Many researches say that people who own cats are more intelligent, sensitive, introverted and open – minded as well. And a survey conducted by the University of Bristol in 2010 using British Pet Owners, has confirmed that people who own cats were more likely to enter the university and have degrees than who own dogs. Hey, it is not your cat who makes you smarter and intelligent. It happens because cats need less attention than dogs and you don’t have to go out always to play or exercise with your cat since they prefer indoor and outdoor both, so if you are a busy person, you can tend to work longer hours. The best thing is, according to the studies have revealed, cats remember the kindness you have shown to them and will return the favor later. And we can’t ignore when a cat asks something by making a half purr noise which sounds like a human baby’s cry. Cats have learnt how to make that noise by domestication over thousand of years.

The ideal pet for apartments

Most apartments will allow you to have a cat as your pet than a dog, because cats are quiet compared to dogs, small in size and take up less space. Also cats don’t always require exercise sessions can get plenty of exercises indoors. So the neighbors in the apartment will not get annoyed by the Meow sound of your cat. 

Cats are low maintenance

It is true that cats are low maintenance in some cases. if you would always have dreamed of having a pet but you don’t have enough energy or time for that, then a cat is the best pet for you probably. When cats are compared to dogs, we can see that cats do not require more attention from us all day. Cat is an independent animal, so he can take care of himself for the most part. Also, cats needs such as cat-food, toys, and other requirements are cheaper than the dogs’ needs. Cats don’t need expensive toys to play. Sometimes their favorite toys can be cardboard boxes, pens, yarn balls etc. You can also make easy DIY toys for your furry friend to play with.  Even cats are small in size when compared to dogs and vet care is also less expensive.


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