The Top 5 Cutest Cat Breeds in The Feline World!


Who doesn’t love to have the companionship of a sweet catty friend? Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, you all love to cuddle with cats and to watch they doing silly things. If you already have a cat, you know how adorable and amazing to watch them playing, running and meowing adorably. Same as dogs, cats are also to good family members, stress relivers and loving companions to have. Yes it is true they are lazy and spend the half of a day by sleeping and the other half by playing and eating, but still we love to have them near us, in our home.

By the way, cat breeds don’t get enough attention and recognition when compared to dogs. But there are so many cat breeds in the feline world. Here we have listed the top 5 cutest cat breeds:

Exotic shorthair

The Exotic shorthair breed was originated in United States. They were originally bred using Persian and Burmese breeds and the purpose was to develop short coat. They also are called “The Lazy Man’s Persian”, but they are not lazy. The cats of this breed are more similar to Persian cats in many ways, such as temperament, conformation, a flat nose and face, but their fur is shorter than Persian cats.

The body appearance presents a heavily boned, well balanced cat with round lines in the body and a round eyes in the round head. The legs are short, thick and strong. Though their dense coat is shorter than Persian cat’s coat, it is not that much shorter as the short haired breeds.

These cats come in amazing colors such as solid, silver and gold, shaded and smoke, party-colored, tabby, Himalayan and bicolored. The most common color of these cats is Himalayan which includes chocolate, lilac, seal and blue colors. The most interesting things of the cats of this breed are, they are very playful, like to play and hang out with people, sweet, relaxed and low maintenance. They will mostly communicate through their sweet round eyes and expressions, so we can’t always hear the voice. They prefer to stay indoors, so do not let them go Their friendliness to other pets and children is so high, so the Exotic Shorthair can be the perfect match for a family with children and other pets.

  • Weight of the male Exotic Shorthair: more than 5.5 kg
  • Weight of the female Exotic Shorthair: 3.5 kg – 5.5. kg
  • The average lifespan of a cat from this breed is 12 – 14 years!


This breed consists of cats who are extremely short – legged and medium in size. The reason behind the short legs of the munchkins is a natural genetic mutation. Munchkin cats are domestic cats and very sweet and outgoing. A Munchkin is a playful, independent, curious and quite cat. This breed is also interested in social interactions and hang with people who love them. They will often love to play, run fast even with their short legs and chase toys. You can teach them to obey voice commands. The body appearance of the munchkins is thick and well rounded. And the fur or the hair can be differed as long or short hair. But the both types are rich with a silky appearance. Munchkins can come in various colors and patterns such as Siamese pattern etc. The tail of this cat is plumbed and not overly thick.

  • They normally weigh 6 – 9 pounds.
  • The length of the body is about a foot and half long.
  • The life expectancy of a munchkin can be around 12 – 15 years.

Scottish fold cat

Scottish fold cat breed was come from Scotland, a domestic cat breed and as the name implies their ears are fold forward and down. Cats from this breed are very sensitive, active and playful. And not a good breed to leave home alone. Also they are gentle and quite. Scottish fold cats are always love to be their family and participate to whatever the family is doing.

They prefer to do anything which involves human interaction rather than being alone.  They are medium sized and rounded body cats and life span can be around 11 – 14 years. Another interesting fact about a Scottish fold cat is posing in odd positions such as flatting out on the floor as a frog, lying on his back and paws up in the air, sitting on his butt with one leg up and this the is most common position. Even though their ears are fold down, they can hear clearly as other healthy cats and communicate very efficiency.

This sweetest cat mostly needs the attention of his human and if you are willing to have a cat from this breed, you could be able to have someone at home during the day or provide a cat for his company. Moreover, it is better to keep the Scottish fold cat indoor only to prevent him from attacks by dogs, many diseases spread by the other cats and other dangerous things. And there is a risk, if your Scottish fold goes out often, he may be stolen by someone who would love to get a beautiful and richly looking cat without wasting money.

Cats from the Scottish fold breeds have different colors and patterns such as solid, tabby, bicolor, tabby and white, and party color. Eye colors depends on their fur colors. Also a Scottish fold cat is a perfect match for you if you have children and cat – friendly dogs at home, because a Scottish fold loves to be with children and receive the love and respect from them.

  • Weight of the male Scottish Fold: 9 – 13 pounds
  • Weight of the female Scottish Fold: 6 – 9 pounds

Persian cat

As its name says, Persian cats were originated in Persia. Persian cats are very gentle, quiet, sweet and looking lovely, so due to these characteristics this cat breed is known as one of the most popular cat breeds in the feline world.

Also, the Persian cat is known as the Persian longhair in British countries. Basically, in the middle east region, they are called Shirazi cats. Iranians are known them as Shiraz cat. A Persian cat is a well balanced and heavily boned cat with a sweet, thick and luxurious fur and soft round lines. The Persian cat is more likely to live in a home where the environment is calm.

Also, its voice is very sweet and small, so it mostly communicates with you with its eyes rather than mewing. And a Persian cat does not have a hyperactive personality but it is very intelligent. They are easy – going and sweet – tempered cats. It will treat you back as how you treat them. If you are searching a best feline friend then the Persian cat will be the best choice, because a Persian cat will return the all love and devotions you give them, without any hesitations.

His beautiful and sweet coat needs daily grooming to keep it healthier and attractive. You have to treat your cat with very gentleness and dignity and it requires profession grooming as well. If you busy with work or not home, don’t worry your Persian cat will be laying in the sofa until you become free to be with him.  Persians won’t be the perfect match for a house it there are noisy, boisterous children and dogs. Persians life span can be around 10 – 17 years.

Main coon

The main coon cat breed, also known as coon cat, Maine cat, Maine shag, American longhair, American forest cat, American coon cat, is the largest domesticated cat breed. This breed was naturally come from the state of Maine in North America and it is known as one of the oldest natural breeds in North America.

Appearance of the cat can be described as; it has a well-balanced and well-proportioned body which creates rectangular body shape. Main coons can be up to 40“in length. They have long, shaggy, smooth and multi layered fur and large paws, so they can walk on the saw without any trouble. Their ears and tails are really fury and bushy so they can easily wrap around the body if they need extra warmth. The body has changed according to the varied environment. And the body size is medium to large. The main coon cat always wants to be with or near you and love to involve into the all family routings. They are highly social, friendly, loyal, playful and very awesome. Don’t worry, these Maine coons are more likely to get interacted with children and other pets. A Maine coon fur is water resistant and some can swim quite well and therefore they enjoy the water.

  • Weight of the male Maine coon: 5.9 – 8.2 Kg
  • Weight of the female Maine coon: 3.6 – 5.4 Kg

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