Signs your dog is sick | 05 signs to never ignore in pets!


You all know, dogs can’t tell us when something is wrong with them. That’s why you should always be responsible for taking care of them well. Dogs are considered as family members because the attachment or the companionship between the dog and the human is so strong. Your dog will bring all types of joy and love to you and your family. So as the dog is your beloved companion, you would do anything to keep him healthier and safe. It is necessity to visit veterinarian and do the checkups, though you also have to watch out your dog between those visits to your pet’s veterinarian.

If your pet, it can be a dog, cat, hamster or a rabbit, is not doing the things he usually does, then probably there must be something wrong with them. So, if you have a good knowledge about how your pet’s daily routine is going, you can understand when there is something wrong with him or when he is sick. So be genius enough to understand what your pet is trying to say through his body language, because those can be signs your dog is sick.

Sudden changes in eating habits

as the owner you are the one who know how your dog normally eats, what are his favorite food, at what time he wants to eat etc. So, if you notice that all of a sudden, his eating habits have changed, there may be something wrong with him. This consumption can be hard to understand. Even if your pet starts to eat more, it can be a sign of illness too. When dogs suffering from some metabolic diseases, they may start to eat more and gain weight suddenly. Some reasons for decreasing appetite are high stress, changes in exercise patterns, illness etc.

Here we have listed some reasons that may affect to dogs to less appetite or stop eating.

  • Valley fever
  • Cancer
  • Food allergies
  • Tick fever or other tick born illnesses
  • Mouth or throat pain
  • Diseases in internal organs

So, if you notice your dog has stopped eating suddenly or any other changes in his eating habits, contact his veterinarian immediately.

Dog drinking more water than usual or refusing to drink

 If your dog is not drinking enough water as he was used to drink, it is a problem that you should be concerned about. sometimes this can be happened, when there is a colder weather all day, and your pet doesn’t pant as much as on a hot day. But there are some possible reasons why your pet – dog is not drinking enough water.

Painful mouth – dogs love to eat, whatever around them. So sometimes they eat things that are no good for them. As an example, chewing a stone, rock, glass or something inedible, it may even break doggy’s teeth or injure his mouth. Due to the pain that occur through these injuries dogs refuse to drink anything. If your dog doesn’t drink water just as before, inspect your doggy’s mouth and take him/her to the veterinarian.

Lack of exercise – regularly exercising is important for your doggy’s healthy life. But if he doesn’t get enough exercise, he doesn’t get hot and rapid breathing, so the thirst level is also getting low. That is why he doesn’t drink more water. You can solve this problem by taking him for more walks and runs. 

Stress and anxiety – if you have just brought a dog home, he may be stressed because he has come to a new environment and a new family, he is not familiar to. So until he becomes stress – free, he may not drink or eat anything. Don’t worry, after he adjusts to the new environment, he will be able to eat, play and drink as much as he can.

There are different types of health issues that increase or decrease the thirsty of your dog such as diabetes, urinary tract infection, kidney disease etc. Rarely, a dog who is suffering from one of these diseases, completely refuses to drink water. Reasons behind why he abnormally rejects drinking water are, he might be suffering from bladder infection, UTI or adrenal gland disease. So, if you notice that your dog has these symptoms along with pain and lethargy, please take your dog to your veterinarian as soon as possible to treat your pet properly.

Changes in behaviour

If your dog behaves differently than he was recently, it is a sign to indicate that something is wrong in them. Sudden changes in your pet’s behaviour such as moodiness, hyperactivity, fearfulness, anxiety, being alone, lack of appetite, sudden aggressiveness, inactivity, uncomfortable in lay down, can be unspoken signs for you to take him to a vet, so he will let you know what has happened to your pet. Mostly, the reasons behind the unusual behavior of your pet are pain and discomfort occur from diseases like thyroid disfunction (in dogs), hyperthyroidism (in cats), arthritis, skin allergies, cancer, heart disease or an injury.

Dog having trouble breathing

Usually your dog breaths rapidly on a warm day, after exercising, running, chasing someone or something or walking more than hours. But it is not normal if your pet pants rapidly even after a short break or in a cool temperature. So be aware, this could mean your pet is in pain and can be suffering from diseases such as heatstroke, poisoning, lung tumors, pneumonia, heart failure or Cushing’s disease.

Dog has bad breath, ear and skin problems

notice when your dog starts to smell differently than before, because stinky breath does mean that your dog may be suffering from diabetes, kidney problem or dental problem. Another important fact to be concerned is stinky ears of your pet. Always remember to take your pet to vet immediately, if there is a foul odor in his ears. Cleaning and medicating his ear canals will solve this problem. If you notice your pet has skin problems such as rashes patchy hair loss, hot spots, take him to his vet to diagnose and treat.   

As the owner you are responsible in keeping your pet healthier. So pay close attention to your dog, notice his/her changes and early signs of diseases that you can see and take your dog to the veterinarian as soon as possible to diagnose and treat when something is wrong with them.


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