Just a few weeks old puppy found beaten up and lit in trash can


A little female puppy was found inside a trash can in a plastic bag. Some of the parts of her skin were burned brutally and her tail had been previously cut.

She was found in Coachella, California, United States and had to be given thorough care.

The little puppy was found by a person who had previously rummaged in the garbage and heard her help whining.

After taking a good/closer look, the person saw the badly injured puppy in a plastic bag.

source The animal hope and wellness foundation

A neighbourhood jewellery store owner took the puppy to hospital.

According to Animal Rescue staff, the puppy, was cut off parts of her tail during the abuse and was not able to walk on her own after being beaten. If its not enough, she was burned with a metallic object like an iron or kind of caustic liquid.

source The animal hope and wellness foundation

Later puppy was given the name ‘Hope’


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