Do you have siblings younger than you? if so, you definitely know how it feels when transitioning from only child to sibling. Imagine sharing your space, parent’s love, affection and attention with the other one in your family – even your food! It might be tough but you have to get used to it, because sharing is caring and it is good to have a sibling at least to fight rather than growing alone. So the same scenario goes with your fur.

So many pet owners worry about how to introduce a new kitten to their cat. Even though you love to have a new kitten in your home, you might have thought about your current cat and gave up the idea! Yes, bringing new cat to your home, literary makes a war, just because your old single adult cat will not accept the younger buddy! You’ll notice the behavior changes in your adult can when you bring a new kitten home, such as he will seem sad, suddenly stop eating or hiss a lot. This happens when your current cat does not adjust to the new member well. So continue reading this article, we’ll help you make the introduction of your new kitten and the current cat go more easily and stress – free.

Select the right kitten

When you want to bring another cat home, consider about your current cat’s age and personality. If your current cat is much older, very quiet and has spent many years alone, then a small playful kitten would not be good for him. If your cat had lived with other pets and failed to get used to that life, adapting another kitten may not be a good decision too. So think about these factors well before go to bring a new kitten home. Also remember if you are already owned three of four cats that going well with each other, then adding another kitten will be disrupted the group’s unity.

Separate the older cat and the new kitten at least for some days!

There should be a separate territory for each cat with the necessary things they need such as food bowls, litter boxes, toys, beds etc. Make the separate room for your new kitten with the necessary equipment about a week before the new arrival so your current cat smells them and he will get used to the new things. A trick that you can use for more better result is, use the items that have the scent of the kitten, if you can. If you feel you are not prepared yet or stressed, your current cat will get to know the secret and will be affected negatively. And the separate room for the new kitten should be visible to the current cat so he can go near to the room’s door and smell and hear the new kitten. Also make sure you have enough space and you can fulfill all the requirements of the existing cat and the new comer before bringing a kitten home.

Is your cat ready?

You need to introduce a healthy cat to your new comer – kitten, right? So make sure that your existing cat is healthy from internal and external which means mental and physical health. Make sure your cat is healthy and its vaccinations are up to date by taking him to the vet because diseases like respiratory are most common in kittens. So take steps earlier to prevent the current cat from the disease that may come from the kitten. It is also necessary to have your cat vaccinated against rabies to protect if biting or scratching happens between the new comer and the current cat.

Introducing the current cat to new kitten

When the new kitten is home, allow the current cat to sniff the new kitten you hold the little one. Taqke the new kitten to its newly deigned room and allow your kitten to explore. He may be confused since the place has been changed. Do not let your kitten go near to the current cat without your supervision because still the current cat is not adjustable to the new one. Remember, sometimes if you are not home and unable to look after kitten, keep your kitten in the separated room and close the door. Surely your adult cat will come and sniff under the door and listen to the noises of the kitten. You can do this for few days and make sure to notice how your adult cat is responding to those. And remember to pay a lot of attention to the adult cat after spending sometime with the kitten. So when you play with the kitten and then go to the adult cat to care for him means, adult cat smells the scent of the new kitten on your clothes and hands. This will help the adult cat get to know kitten and make a bond with him.

Spending time together

After a week, when the kitten starts to explore your home under your supervision, let your adult cat to watch the little one’s playfulness and exploration. Do not force your kitten or older cat to interact if they don’t like to. Another trick you can use is, take your adult cat’s favorite toy and try to play with both of them at the same time. Give food for both of them at the same time to separate plates. These mutual activities will help interact with each other. Make sure to keep enough distance between both of them while eating otherwise your adult cat may feel threatened.

Social behavior

Cats’ social behavior is very different when compared to dogs. Mostly they are like to be the only cat in the home. This does not mean that you can’t have another cat in the family, but cat would enjoy the alone life since there is no competition to essential needs of them such as food, spaces, litter trays or boxes, toys etc. so if you wish to bring a new kitten home, make sure to provide all the requirements equally for both of them. If so, both will accept each other and a strong bond will be made between them literary.


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