Buzu ,the main character of this story is a dog who lives on the streets of the Romania. Someone who has a big heart, had build up a little shelter for him with a carboard and a cushion inside.

Buzu was always following people who were passing the streets and trying to get attention. The Howl of a Dog organisation tries to find out whether this dog has an owner and more about himself by asking the neighbours and the passers-by. All they got to know is, the Buzu was a stray dog and was being living there for more than a year.

Yes life on the street without anyone to cuddle with, no one to pay attention, to care for him, could probably a hard time for him. After sometime, when the rescues returned to help, they noticed his cushion was lost, someone has taken this homeless dog’s cushion!!

He was taken to the shelter of them and they noticed the Busy had skin problems, patches of hair missing on his tail back and neck. He had an ear infection as well. due to the improper food he ate such as bones when he was on the streets, his teeth were torn. Therefore, they had put him on to medical treatments for all the problems he had.

Buzu was under the care at Howl of a Dog organization for a year and a good news was arrived! He was lucky enough to come out from the miserable life he was living without anyone on the street for the long time and Buzu was adopted by a loving family in UK. Surely Buzu is spending his life happily with Emma and another dog in their family!!


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