Cat-loving Couple holds wedding alongside 1100 cats!


At a wedding, betrothed always invite to people they love the most – even if, cats are the best thing you love.

Dominic Husson and Louise Véronneau got married in California’s largest no-cage, no-kill cat sanctuary (Cat House on the Kings). And guest what, the guest list included 1,100 cats from the sanctuary.

“We are both animal lovers, and it shows she’s a great person, and that’s why I wanted to marry her,” Dominic told NBC News.

The sanctuary, was found 25 years ago and now it is a permanent home for over 25,000 cats and 7,500 dogs. How ever Dominic and Louise are the first couple to be married at the sanctuary.

Lynea Lattanzio, the sanctuary’s founder, admitted she was bit nervous at first, about the wedding but she was surprised how well paws reacted to new bride and groom.

Cat house on the kings – Special Edition



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