After china celebrates victory over the coronavirus, which killed over 3,200 people in the country. They re-started all squalid meat markets like nothing happened and without considering any of the standard to prevent future outbreaks.

Recently a foreign journalist published images from Guilin, where markets are fulled by hundreds of customers to buy squalid meats. The market was packed with fresh, cat and dog meats which is a traditional winter dish in the country.

Caged cats to be slaughtered.

They even show-case their remedies which includes, snakes, bats, scorpions etc. Although world think that bats caused the initial outbreak of corona virus, it seems no matter to Chinese consumers.

“Everyone here believes that the outbreak is over and that there is nothing to worry about anymore. It is just a foreign problem now as far as they are concerned, ”he said.

Apparently, everything in the market seems to operate normally, but with one restriction from government. Not for squalid meats, but to prevent anyone from taking pictures of the market.

We have no idea, why they still operate the same way. After all what happened. When will they ever learn?

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  1. these chinese s.o.b dont respect there own environment what makes u think there care about you and i .. these people eat bat dropping they cook it in soup they call it bat dung soup these are disgusting people ..


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