How to introduce a kitten to a cat?

Do you have siblings younger than you? if so, you definitely know how it feels when transitioning from only child to sibling. Imagine sharing your...

Dog head pressing against wall | It is not normal | Everything you need...

Have you seen or experienced a dog presses his head against a wall or any other object without any reason? Do you know why he...

Homeless dog seeking attention finally finds a family! (Video)

Buzu ,the main character of this story is a dog who lives on the streets of the Romania. Someone who has a big heart, had...

What to Feed a Puppy | Feeding Schedule and Nutrition

Did you bring a new puppy home? Then you must be thinking about what to give your puppy to eat? Yes, it is one of...

The Top 5 Cutest Cat Breeds in The Feline World!

Who doesn’t love to have the companionship of a sweet catty friend? Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, you all love to...

Tourist rescues, abandoned dog that slept in the snow for days

This dog was abandoned in the front of a hotel located in a mountain skip in northern romania, where temperatures dropping down to 20°c (-4°f).

China markets are still selling bats, cat and dogs. When will they Learn?

After china celebrates victory over the coronavirus, which killed over 3,200 people in the country. They re-started all squalid meat markets like nothing happened and without...

Smart dog who lost his owner, walked in to the police station to report...

@ Support Our Permian Basin Police Officers/Facebook Imagine its early in the morning and when you wake up your dog is not...

DIY – Treat-Dispensing Dog Toy using Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

With corona virus outbreak, people are panic buying all the toilet papers in the shelves. That being the case, why not use all those empty...

Florida dog drives a car in reverse nearly for an hour!

0 A funny loving pet dog in Florida went on a joy ride in his owner’s car driving the car in reverse...

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