How good are you at reading your cat’s facial expressions?


Do you know that cats do have facial expressions too and they say a lot of things to you through these expressions? Cats always try to tell what they want either vocally or with their body. But most cat owners fail to identify what they try to tell through these expressions. As an example, when your cat is hissing, you’ll think he is not in a good mood and when he is purring, you’ll think he is really happy. But it is not that easy to tell what your cat is feeling from the look in his face.

Cat purring is a sign of contentment and happiness. But it does not always mean your cat is happy. Sometimes they purr, to be comfortable when they ae sick. If your cat is purring more loudly than usual, he is probably asking your love and attention or something to eat.

If your cat is hissing, he may be frightened, unhappy, angry or in pain. Sometimes they do hiss when something unfamiliar things are around them such as new toys, furniture, etc.

As a cat owner, you have seen that your cat usually does rub, when he needs to show his love and affection and greeting to you. your cat shows that he is comfortable with you and like you by rubbing up his face against you.

Ever wondered why your cat is rolling around the floor? That means your fluffy wants your company to enjoy. Except that, a cat may roll on the floor to scratch his itchy back.

Sometimes your cat communicates with you through his eyes. If your cat gives you a slow blink, he tries to tell you that he loves you so much, trusts you and he is comfortable with you. so if you receive a slow blink from your cat do not forget to blink him back. Let him know that you also love him and protect him.

There is no doubt that cats are profound creatures and all the cat lovers know that. We all love this amazing creature. Cats are really sweet around the people who they want be friend with. So if you have won your cat’s love and affection, congratulations you are really luck and a caring person who can understand what your cat says through his body postures.


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