Can dog get Coronavirus? | Pets & Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)


Hong – Kong has warned not to kiss your pets, due to a Hong – Kong pet dog tested weak – positive for corona viruses. This pet was infected by his owner, who is a now – recovered – COVID – 19 patient. Therefore, the dog had to spend several days in quarantine with the facilities provided by the government. After returning the home, three days later his owner informed the authorities that the dog was died. So the answer for the question can dog coronavirus? yes the do.

Due to this unexpected incident, pets have become a part of corona conversation as well. First of all, lets get a brief idea about what are these corona viruses.

What are corona viruses and COVID – 19?

Corona viruses are a group of viruses. COVID – 19 is the new disease caused by the corona viruses and it affects your lungs and airways. The new corona virus or COVID – 19 is spreading rapidly internationally. According to the latest updates of World Health Organization (WHO) (March 21, 2020), there are 234,073 confirmed corona virus cases, more than 10,000 confirmed deaths and 177 countries, areas or territories with cases.

Do animals contain corona viruses in their body? Does your pet spread coronavirus

Recent researches have confirmed that the COVID – 29 may spread from person to person.When we consider about animals, these viruses are common in some species of both domestic and wild animals such as horses, bats, camels, dogs, cats, cattle, etc. So the real question should be does pets spread coronavirus?

Most commonly dogs and cats are not known to be able to transfer the corona viruses to humans. According to the information released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Organization for Animal Health, dogs do not spread the disease so there are no reasons to neglect your pet.

What about your pet’s fur?

Are you worried if your pet can carry the virus through its fur? It is possible to live the virus on your pet’s fur, since the virus can live on many other surfaces as well. So here is the best solution for that.

  • Before and after petting: wash your hands properly using hand sanitizers
  • Bath your pet more frequently than usual
  • It would be hard for you to, but you have to: avoid kisses and snuggles of your pet

Researchers say, although there are no evidences that pets develop and transmit COVID – 19, it is better to be taken precautions until we become so sure of the things.

How to protect your pet, if you are sick?

There is a possibility to spread the virus to pets via infected human. If you are infected by the corona virus, it is your responsible to keep yourself distance from your pet to adequately protect him. In order to keep him healthier and safe, make sure to take following steps.

  • Limit contact with your pet
  • If you must care for your pet: wear a mask and wash your hands before and after touching the pet
  • Keep your distance
  • Do not kiss your pet
  • Get some one else to walk with him
  • If you can completely avoid contacting your pet such as petting, snuggling and being licked or kissed etc.
  • It is better to have someone else, who is a non – positive family member to take care of your pet, until you get fully recovered
  • Practice good hand hygiene
  • Do not go near the heads of pets.
  • Remember to stock enough food and medicine to your pet too.
  • Suddenly if your pet needs veterinary care, you should call your pet’s veterinarian to figure out how they are going to handle patient care at the current situation.
  • If you are under critical self – quarantine orders, living in an apartment and don’t have a backyard to go, you should train your pet to use pee pads, fake grass or sod patches


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