Choose the best dog for you and your family!


Choosing a dog as your pet is like, choosing a new family member. It can be quite a challenge.

However, as the owner you should be able to fulfil all the requirements of your new family member to ensure his life is great with you.

If you wish to bring a dog home, then you have to consider about some facts. 

Firstly, you should search various types of dog breeds and confirm what type of dog is suitable to your family. Here think about the amount of exercise that dog needs, his lifespan, how big he will be, special treatments that your dog may need, food, how he impacts on your life etc. And you should be confident enough to handle the changes which will affect you and your family. 

Go through the following list of a few top dog breeds in the world currently and hope it will help find out the best dog breed for you.

Labrador retrievers

Labrador retrievers also known as labs are basically large dogs, a full-grown male will be weighed around 29 – 36 kg and a full – grown female will be weighed around 25 – 32 kg. An adult lab needs to do exercises daily.

Golden retrievers

Golden retrievers are much like Labrador retrievers. They are popular for their friendly nature and they are smart enough and intelligent as service dogs. Generally Golden Retrievers are used as guide dogs because they are really loyal and playful.

German Shepherds

German Shepherds dogs, originated in Germany, are natural protectors and very adaptable and intelligent. GSDs need active lifestyles, and make good companions. Their bodies are long, normally between 22 – 26 inches, according to their height. GSDs are always loyal and hardworking dogs and their keen senses and curious nature make them a popular and best guard dogs. German Shepherds are mostly love to live outdoors, but like to live indoors too. And they require exercises daily for keeping their mind and body healthier and active.


This breed was originally bred as hunting dogs. Beagles are really cute, very friendly, compact and excellent hunting dogs. Their life expectancy is basically about 12 years and their weight can be 20 – 35 pounds. They require 20 – 30 minutes exercise per day.


Bulldogs, also called British bulldogs or English bulldogs, are basically very obedient and honest dogs. They require a small space to live, so those who have small homes and yards can pet a bulldog without the hassles. Lack of strenuous exercises Bulldog’s require, is one of their most attractive qualities. 

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier, also known as Yorkie is a tiny little dog breed of terrier type that comes under the Toy group. Ideally, yorkie’s maximum size is 7 pounds. Yorkies are popular for their devoted companionship. They are very playful and energetic dogs. If you would like to have a Yorkshire Terrier as your pet, you need to get two yorkies, since they don’t enjoy being alone. Since they are small in size, you can even exercise them indoor if you don’t have a yard.


A boxer can be described as a loyal, intelligent, playful, very energetic and active pet that like to stay busy, yet also known as a good protector. That means your boxer is always ready to protect you and your family when needed.  Sometimes a boxer is not that easy to train due to his stubborn demeanor. And a boxer needs more than 40 minutes of physical exercise a day and often lives over 8 – 10 years. Your boxer is an attention seeker and a playful dog, so you are invited to play with him. Also remember to give plenty of love and attention to your pet, so he’ll be able to settle down and behave well, when you are not home or when he is left home alone.


Rottweilers are known as one of the most dangerous and fiercest dog breeds. But if a proper training is given to Rottweilers, they can be the most loyal and adoring dog breed. When we consider about their body appearance, they have shiny black fur with brown markings, which make them look extremely beautiful and are medium – large dogs in size.

Basically, males weigh 110 to 130 pounds and females weigh 77 – 110 pounds.

Average height for a healthy male Rottweiler is 24 – 27 inches and for a female is 22 – 25 inches.  If you wish to have one, you should be able to give an unconditional love to your Rottweiler. They love exercising and require more than two hours of exercise a day.


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