This dog was abandoned in the front of a hotel located in a mountain skip in northern romania, where temperatures dropping down to 20°c (-4°f).

The hotel owner kept chasing her away, fearing that tourists may get afraid. So she find the slighted sun light, and just slept there for days without any foods as hotel owner advised hotel stuff, not to feed the dog.

Luckily, one of the tourist noticed her and decided to help Indy(Thats how she was later named). He determined not leave the hotel, and take care of Indy until he finds a proper rescue for her. He would love to adopt the dog, but he already had other adopted pets. So he contacted few rescue groups including @Howl Of A Dog which agreed to take Indy to their care. And this kind tourist traveled 500Km just to bring her to @Howl Of A Dog. His vacation became a rescue mission.

Indy had no microchip and she was estimated to around 5 years old. And she went though physical exam, blood tests and also an ultrasound scan to see if any internal organs were damaged. Luckily she is in good health and now recovering from spay surgery at @Howl Of A Dog

For more details about Indy’s adoption please visit:


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