5 Famous Labrador Retriever Dogs on Instagram


Here at Paw Fiesta, we are dog lovers. We cherish the curly ones even when its coil, and the hairy ones even when its peel, and the mad ones especially when they wag their tails and make us laugh. We spend at least 2 hours a day gossiping about puppies and sharing the the most gorgeous pictures and videos with our followers.

Labrador Retriever was friendly and earned their credits as a fisherman’s helper. Present they’re the America’s most popular breed & one of most demand breed in all over the world. Lab is a good-natured & incredibly loyal dog breed to their family. As a result of being top dog breed in our searches we found about 5 photogenic lab profiles on Instagram, and be very eager to share them with you guys.

Meet Labradorable Oakley @labradorable_oakley, who is already quite the ladies’ boy

Meet Honky Tonkin Hank @hankhonkytonkin, who loves to play to play with his ball.

Meet Teddy @labrador_teddy, who knows he is handsome.

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#creepin' 😏

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Meet Steele the Silver @steele_the_silver, young boy who loves to play and cuddle.

Meet Labrador Retriever @labradorretriever, handsome boy who likes to play with snow.


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